Structure Today comes your in lots of facets, since it took quite a exact positive turn connected to its considerable progress, which has been famous as construction of buildings, houses and flats or businesses 20 years past, now it’s no longer the exact same.

Along with If you had never heard about this topic, it is a very good time to discuss modular structure and discover out that the pros are in this brand new solution, and that’s here in order to remain. This can be pre fabrication, developed through its works by Grupo Martín Calais experts and experts in modular construction (development modulaire), this notion way removed from conventional construction bets on a new worldwide vision.

Seeking That this includes a substantial additional value, also evidencing using its specific creations such as this, sentry box(guérite) that the Martín Calais Group, announces the benefits of picking this substitute, such like: rapid assembly, decrease in costs of appreciable kind and reduction inside the construction in 50 percent, that makes it possible for the job to be ready in significantly less timeperiod.

In Addition to being just one of your finest selections, the sentry box (guérite), is just another among the absolute most appropriate modular methods to meet your temporary wants, and devoted to the challenge of decreasing on-site interventions and enhancing environmental impact, attempting to steer clear of construction site discomfort, which is one of the principal goals of prefabrication.

Grupo Martín Calais develops the best concepts and living alternatives for the site, with regard to clean rooms, laboratories and other demands like office spaces and industrial bureaus. It has a team of 25 professional folks in transactions like painting, plumbing, power, carpentry and tackling, willing to fulfill your needs.

Its Agency in Normandy covers three hectares, where 2000 m² are insured, and also its own Fleet with more than 4,000 meters of spinning so as to accommodate to the requirements Of the clients. So if you Have Chosen to change your life using warmer and more Comfortable spaces, so you are able to select this specific option, which brings more Benefits when compared to a traditional alternative.